The Whole Armor of God

The Whole Armor of God

A soldier does not drop his guard immediately after wounding the enemy. Watch your words. Idle words can be destructive. Believe the promise and do not let sense and reason defeat you. Live and act as if the promise is true because they are.

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the assaults of the devil.
Col 3:12 Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering;
1Thess 5:8 But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation.

So, we have part of the armor being about attitude and mercy. In our current society, this seems to be lacking in people’s behavior, due to the aggressiveness, selfishness, and overall carelessness.

Then, we are told our BREASTPLATE is our faith, love and hope…we are told to be sober, faithful, loving and have hope. Has our world put these characteristics in the past, for it seems alcoholism, drugs and use of insatiable addictions are higher than ever in our society. Faith instills a confidence or trust in GOD to take over our lives, in every way. Love is given by the heart, and this is projected in our minds by seamless behavior corresponding to our train of thought.

The HELMET is a frame of mind that protects our conscious well-being. Hope is a belief and choice of perseverance of a positive outcome, but this hope must be based on a foundation of consciousness that’s objectively confident.
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, and against the worldly governors, the princes of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness, which are in the high places.
Flesh and blood implies a human aspect, and this specifically implies this is not what we are battling. We have three major spiritual masters here;
a) Principalities-speaks of a princedom of a monarchical sovereign state. This tells us that this is specifically speaking of the fallen angel hierarchy, due to this fact we are more than likely speaking of the top of the hierarchy.
b) Powers-speaks of a entity which is able to control its environment, including the behavior of other entities. This type of authority entitles one due to a social structure being intact.
c) Governors-Again this denotes an administrative or executive position. One who is a governing official, usually ranking over other representatives or armed forces.
13 For this cause take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to resist in the evil day, and having finished all things, stand fast.
Speaking of executive positions brings cause of placing a wall between you and the other force. This armor which the Bible speaks of is an overall force of mind, body, soul, and spirit. It’s like having a force field surrounding yourself against the wiles of all evil intentions.
14 Stand therefore, and your loins girded about with verity, and having on the breastplate of righteousness,

This BREATPLATE is the protector of your loins and this is a spread from your ribs to your pelvis. This is some of your major organs. Your loins was protected by pulling a fabric of a knee-length tunic so that the front stopped at your upper thigh. Pulling the excess material behind you evenly on each side of your back. The end result wrapped the material around your waist, tying it together in the front.
Paul spoke of guarding your loins girt about with truth, using hope and grace in GOD. This importance of this is to be mobile and spiritual agile in order to protect, guard, and defend your personal weaknesses.
The most fierce competitor knows to think one step ahead of every move in a fight, and the same is implied here…to control your thoughts and actions for this is where the battles of spiritual matters begin. Direction of thought processes!
Isa 59:17 For he put on righteousness as a breastplate, and an helmet of salvation upon his head; and he put on the garments of vengeance for clothing, and was clad with zeal as a cloke.
Enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal and tireless diligence is zeal, and cloke paints a picture of a loose outer garment, such as a cape. So, we have the invisibly devoted servant.
2Cor 6:7 By the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armour of righteousness on the right hand and on the left,
I love that it speaks of both the right and left hand, due to the fact that the Bible specifically references the left hand to the ways of the occult. This is undeniable in its meaning, the purpose of this statement is that GOD is in control of both sides.
15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace.

A spiritual shoe; something to aid in our movements. Peace of mind comes from having the ability to use agility, speed, and the longevity of well made shoes. The material used, the sole on the bottom; this gives us the defense mechanisms we need to sustain a long journey. Just how long could one travel on a hard, stony road without the right shoes. A barefoot man shrinks when his feet touch the hot sand or shrieks when he stumbles on a sharp stone. Life is the same, without the equipment needed, how could one help a needy soul? The foot is to the body what the will is to the soul. Our Gospel is our armor of peace of mind. MEANING TO LIFE!
16 Above all, take the shield of faith, wherewith ye may quench all the fiery darts of the wicked,
The shield of faith seems somewhat like a force field in that it protects our whole body, and also our armor. It’s no wonder the Bible says we should have it ‘above all’.
None of the other pieces of weapon mentioned so far are exalted as highly as the shield. It moves with the attack!
Faith is confidence, given to us by GOD, and the shield is our faith, no doubt.
Never allow anything to ever take the place of the Word in your life. The mystery of faith is hidden in the Word. It’s intricate workings do something to the heart that your mind and intellect are not always aware of.
17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

The HELMET is so important. Surviving a broken arm, or a sprained leg is hard but a broken head, depending on the severity can be life threatening.
Faith, love and hope are all essential. Faith is of the heart, Hope, and love are of the mind. Faith is something you believe and confess even if you don’t understand it. Hope provides the anchor, something to hold onto with our soul. Faith needs hope to sustain it.
A man can live without food or waters for days, but take away his hope and he commits suicide.

A SWORD is an unmistakable weapon of defense, and this is no ordinary sword. It is made of the Spirit and Word. In spiritual warfare the battles are fought with words! The SWORD of the SPIRIT is the Word of GOD spoken with the Power of the Holy Spirit.
18 And pray always with all manner prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watch thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all Saints,
The soul is of great importance to Satan! He will use our thoughts and distractions to distract us from our faith. When the enemy presents us with false arguments, it becomes like a stone in a sling which Satan uses as fiery darts to victory. He has had thousands of years practice so he has gotten quite good at his aim and strength. The enemy does not give up easily, and he will say to you ‘do it in secret and no one will know’. Once your guard is down, he shoots for the heart. If in public or in the dark of night, sin is the same.
Most don’t realize that bacteria and viruses do not cause all sicknesses. Not all circumstances are natural. Sometimes it’s easy to discern the forces of darkness, but other times there are few clues. No matter what the issue is, press into GOD by using the Word. Push out the world and evil by using the Word of GOD.
19 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly to publish the secret of the Gospel,

I look at this line of Scripture as if it speaks directly to me due to the fact that I have had replies about why I do this work. I have had comments which imply that the Word is not left up to interpretation. I agree that I may take this work very seriously and it drives my every thought most days, and my prayer is that by this work I lead no one astray. So, I pray diligently and use my very force of being to do what the Holy Spirit leads me to do. I know I will be judged accordingly, so my intentions are pure and may GOD have mercy on my soul if I have ever lead a single soul astray for GOD knows this in not my intention. My purpose in life is to lead the stray sheep to the one and only Shepherd. My purpose is to help people understand the truths that are being shown to myself through the Holy Spirit. The mysteries of the Gospel are plenty but the LOVE is GOD is forever and merciful.
Eph 6:20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.

I speak boldly, without revering the evil among us. I would give my very life to save one soul from perishing. My love for GOD presses my very soul with perseverance and the unrelenting passion to spread the WORD! A servant I am to GOD. A ambassador am I to the Word, but I am not worthy. I humble myself before GOD daily. GOD has love that is unconditional, and merciful and my very essence of being is to make everyone see and feel this too.

Source: The Whole Armor of God


Spiritual “EYE CANDY”

You just can’t make these things up, folks!

You know the old saying, “Don’t always believe everything you hear?”…well try this one on for size!


Spiritual candy is considered to be ‘minor miracles’. Or possibly even major ones in the eyes of the RCC. Such as? Example: Fatima. Only an ephemeral image in the clouds are a ‘sign’ of GOD…no wait…of Mary! The fact that this image has happened many times over the years is no small feat.

I want you to know that I believe these things have taken place. How else would the future events fall into place! I believe that for the falling away to take place, many will not believe these events took place, or they believe these incidents were staged.

Make no mistake about it, the church was guilty of staging events to gain power, or money…or both. These things can be verified. But, I digress. My purpose here is to show the connections to the past/current Roman Catholic Church, and why they are taking place.

I viewed a video last night about the USA as being the wicked Babylon, and I truly don’t know who is…we just make our assumptions but, only GOD knows for sure. One thing I do know is that the Roman Catholic Church has been a MAJOR player for hundreds of years…if not a thousand or more! And the insiders within this complex system know their stuff! They’ve been performing for Satan so long that their reputation precedes them.

Only the newest addition to the subject is not their reputation, it’s their choice of savior. All along people of the Catholic persuasion have worshiped their idols (statues/dead priests/dead popes) and never gave another two cents thought to the top of the totem pole! They’ve been taught to worship Mary, and idols so long, especially with the holes in Mary’s hands…that they’ve even been programmed to think that Mary is above Jesus Christ!

But, let’s get it straight! Their savior is NOT – Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD.

Wow! Even the state of statues which are ‘coming alive” are taught to be the “real thing”. But, you see….this has everything to do with “WHO” their savior is!

First, we will touch on the so-called “miracles of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC)…of course they are not miracles of GOD, but magick of Satan. There’s only two kinds!

Then, we will connect this cult-like energy to the darkness from which it all originates.

Lastly, we will connect the dots of the end-time characters and their plan. In FINAL THOUGHTS there is a video of a young man in the NYC subway…you MUST see it!


Miracles are of GOD! There’s no mistake about that…and anything else is created by Satan/Fallen Angels. Plain and simple. Why in the world would GOD take the time to bring a statue to life? I mean, come on-really!

Revelation 13 (KJV)

15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

So, is the first beast-The New World Order? Or will the NWO bring forth a entity which will cause many to die if they don’t worship the Beast System? We shall see…

Some believe this means a statue will come to life…and considering the fact that The Bible works on many levels…that many be the case too.

In Ireland, Mary seemed to step out of the roadside grottos in dozens of cases. And I’m not just speaking of recently…throughout history, many dozens of shrines, sanctuaries, oratories, chapels, churches, and even basilicas have been erected on the very site of these ‘statue miracles’.


Notre-Dame-du-Cap Shrine east of Montreal, Quebec – “Our Lady of the Cape Shrine”

So, we have a really strange story…but the RCC is not short of any of those. The Brotherhood of the Rosary! Father Paul Vachon, its first resident pastor, instituted the Brotherhood of the Rosary in 1694. In 1714 began the construction of the second parish church that was opened for worship in 1720, replacing the first small wooden church. The second church there was called, Old Shrine. After his death there was a 115 years without a resident pastor.

THE POWER OF THE ROSARY: In 1867 Father Luc Desilets, the pastor at Cap-de-la-Madeleine from 1864 until his death in 1888, had an astonishing experience. Upon investigating a noise he had heard in the church, he found a small pig chewing on a rosary. This was for him a shocking experience. He was saddened by the fact that people were no longer praying the rosary. He remembered the Confraternity of the Rosary that had been established in the parish in 1694. He then consecrated himself to the Blessed Mother and re-introduced the devotion of the rosary in the parish, praying the rosary after each Mass and encouraging his parishioners to pray the rosary at home. Soon more and more parishioners started coming to church; eventually the church was too small and a larger church was required.

Let me add here—a pig! Should have been a sign! But noooooooooo!

The church was constructed from locals who converted a river into an ‘ice bridge’. On June 18, 1879 the third church was built and was blessed as Sainte-Marie-Madeleine on October 3, 1880.

THE MIRACLE OF THE EYES – THE SECOND MIRACLE: On June 22, 1888 the dedication of the small fieldstone church to Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, took place: this was the inauguration of “Our Lady of the Cape Shrine,” (Le Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-du-Cap). During the dedication, the statue that had been donated to the parish by a parishioner in 1854 was ceremoniously placed on the main altar. That evening Pierre Lacroix from Trois-Rivières, a handicapped man, came to pray and asked for the assistance of Father Frederic Janssoone O.F.M., and Father Luc Desilets to help him into the church. As the three men were praying, suddenly Father Desilets got up to ask Father Frederic if he could see the same thing he was seeing. Father Frederic answered that ‘Yes, the statue has opened its eyes, hasn’t it?’ Pierre Lacroix also noticed this. Both priests got up, moving from spot to spot while still looking at the statue to make sure that they were really seeing this. Father Frederic often spoke of this event saying that the eyes of the statue were wide opened; that they stayed opened for about five to ten minutes; that her eyes were dark, well formed and in perfect harmony with the rest of her face; that she had the face of a living person; that her look changed his life forever. He never stopped talking about this wonderful event of the Blessed Mother.

Due to this strange event, it eventually became a basilica.


You must understand this! GOD produces MIRACLES, not spiritual eye candy magick!

Mystery as Virgin Mary statue starts ‘crying BLOOD’ as hundreds flock to see ‘miracle’ in Argentina (04/2017)

Hundreds of Catholics have visited the family home where the statue is kept, believing they are witnessing a miracle, but a priest has warned them not to jump to conclusions.

Strange enough for you? (Please note the Freemason checkerboard pattern on the floor!)

Freaky moment crucified Jesus statue moves its head during Good Friday Mass (04/2017)

Villagers have branded the rare sight a “miracle,” but the priest of the mexican church claims the statue’s head collapsed as fur ropes holding it gave way.

The head of the 300-year-old Christ is usually inside a glass coffin, but it had been put on the cross for the traditional Saint Friday celebration.

For lack of space, the next examples will be of events in video form:

Example: Statues of The Virgin Mary Coming Alive Real

Example: Virgin Mary Statue Caught On Camera

Example: Jesus Statue Comes To Life

Example: Our Lady of Angels parish in Cleveland, Ohio

Example: The Virgin Mary statue caught moving

Example: Its a Miracle Virgin Mary Statue Comes Alive Mother Mary Under Water

Example: Virgin Mary Statue Moving Caught on Camera! Real Or Fake??

Example: Miracles of Mother Mary in Kerala

Example: Tears from Heaven

Example: Virgin Mary Apparition Caught on Camera (2 Photos)

Example: Mother may is closing and opening her eyes

Example: Virgin Mary Moving Statue Caught on Camera

Example: This next one is a perfect example of the RCC placing Mary above Jesus Christ…she is in front of the cross! Holy Virgin Mary appears in Japan! – Must See!!!

Example: Virgin Mary: Statue grows taller, smiles, cries inside Malaysia church

The first miracle was seen on Wednesday, Oct. 14, when the blessing ceremony for the statue took place. Father Raymond Pereira, the parish priest, immediately noticed an “unusual occurrence”— the statue originally made of fiberglass had apparently turned to porcelain and “grew taller” by three inches (7.5cm), reports said. Pereira declined to make further comments when approached by reporters, saying he needed permission from higher church authorities before making a formal announcement. “We are waiting for confirmation from the Vatican before making an official statement,” he said, according to The Star Online. He said he will consult first with Kuala Lumpur Archbishop Julian Leow Beng Kim. Scores of Catholic parishioners stood or sat on chairs opposite the grotto, their heads bowed and hands clasped in prayer. Some sang the “Ave Maria” while others recited the “Hail Mary.” Some took pictures of the two statues inside the grotto—the larger Mary and a small kneeling figure as water cascaded from a built-in decorative feature at the back of the grotto, reports said. “We are strong devotees of Mother Mary and wanted to witness the miracle for ourselves so we made it a point to come here,” one Catholic faithful said. Earlier, a three-minute video circulated online showing the Virgin Mary statue which was apparently taken during Sunday Mass at the church last week. In the video, a parishioner claimed to have witnessed the “miracle.” “Her eyes were moving very slowly, all of us were there and we saw it,” he said. “The father (priest) was saying, ‘look at her, she’s looking at us. She was full of life, she had a lot of tears in her eyes.’ “When we started singing ‘Ave Maria,’ she started smiling and her lips were moving. “It touched all of us,” the man said. “The father had told us that he actually spoke to her. She will come more often, she also told father that she wants all of us to pray to her,” the unidentified man added. Last July, another Virgin Mary “miracle” was reported in Sydney, Australia, that was caught on video. This time, the “miracle” was seen on a painting of the Virgin Mary. While the parishioners were reciting the Lord’s prayer inside the St. Charbel’s church during a Sunday mass in Sydney, they were stunned to see the lips of Mary in the artwork moving as if joining the people in prayer, the Mirror reported. One of the parishioners filmed the “miracle” and posted it on Facebook. These “miracles” were just two of the many reported “miracles” shown by the Virgin Mary worldwide since time immemorial.

7 Moving Statues of Jesus Christ Caught On Tape

Alas! We don’t have a moving statue, per say….but this is freaky enough!

Jesus hair is growing – The miraculous statue of the Passion of our Lord

Creepy Jesus Statue Moves It’s Head

What many don’t realize is that the Middle Eastern Religion…and you might ask…isn’t there more than one? ALL religions are false doctrines of …A…celestial source! Nimrod was first to create a one world religion.

All religions were created to come back into ONE, like a hive mindset.

In this next video, it reveals a Buddah which comes “ALIVE”.

Giant Buddha Comes Alive!

Interestingly, many of the Middle Eastern religions are connected to secret societies. And the more curious of these are the Qizilbash/Kizilbash. They are cloaked in distinctive crimson head-wear indicating their adherence to the Twelve Imams.

If you have researched the Genesis 6:4 project of the fallen angels mating with women thus producing the hybrids called the “Nephilim”. These creatures were half fallen angel/half man, they were identified not only by their enormous size but by 6 fingers/6 toes with RED HAIR.

The Qizilbash dressed in red, for which they were termed “the red-haired ones”. Their belief that the last Imam will reappear as the Mahdi. He will be the one who returns with their “christ”. A false messiah! He will come forth through the Roman Catholic Church!


Information given to us by the former Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera.

A Jesuit cardinal named Augustine Bea showed us how desperately the Roman Catholics wanted Jerusalem at the end of the third century. Because of its religious history and its strategic location, the Holy City was considered a priceless treasure.


A scheme had to be developed to make Jerusalem a Roman Catholic city.

Early Christians went everywhere with the gospel, setting up small churches, but they met heavy opposition.

Both the Jews and the Roman government persecuted the believers in Christ to stop their spread.

But the Jews rebelled against Rome, and in 70 A.D. Roman armies under General Titus smashed Jerusalem and destroyed the great Jewish temple which was the heart of Jewish worship – in fulfillment of Christ’s prophecy in Matthew 24:2.

On this holy place, where the temple once stood, the Dome of the Rock Mosque stands today as Islam’s second most holy place.


The solution to create a counterfeit “Christian” religion has branched into many religions today, but the main contributor was the Roman Catholic Church as it consumed any/all religions on earth and considering Satan was behind it all…these wasn’t much opposition. GOD allows this because it’s part of the plan of FREEWILL.

Fatima is part of the plan!

Fatima supposedly has 3 distinct parts…with the last being revealed last. The first was a vision of hell. The second concerned Russia and repeating prayers which is a sin! Lastly, the third was said to be released by Lucia but the RCC put her under constant watch!

The fact that Russia is on the forefront of the news today, and the US is releasing wild accusations about WW3. I believe the Illuminati who are controlled by the fallen angels are holding the power of the “CARDS” in their hands. You see, the fallen angels are the “aliens”. And this is who the RCC is about to reveal as our creator!

It was said to be released by others then the Vatican announced that they were not guaranteeing the veracity of the words of the three shepherd children….HA! What a farce! You see, this all involves UFO’s and they knew the world was not ready for it yet.

The end result of all this is that Satan fools humans. His brigade is the UFO facade. It hides in many subjects and plays out in the skies, earth and below.

We must not take this lightly.


Satan is the biggest joker of em’ all!

You’ve taken him for a fool!

A recent poll revealed statistics that people don’t believe in Satan, or they think of him as a historical figure meant to scare people into submission to the church. Did you know that many Satanists don’t believe in Satan.

The co-founder of the Satanic Temple, Lucian Greaves reveals that “In fact, the idea of ‘worship’ is antithetical to our anti-authoritarian philosophy. Devil worship implies a theistic point of view. We consider ourselves a non-theistic religious organization.”

Did you catch the name of this individual? Lucian?? Lucifer!

What a joker! People play around with fire! And get burned!!


Clearly, we live in the end days. But, if you still doubt….this man makes some INCREDIBLE points!


Young Man Preaching The Gospel at New York Subway

Mystery of the Iniquity

You just can’t make these things up, folks!

You know the old saying, “Don’t always believe everything you hear?”…well try this one on for size!


Spiritual candy is considered to be ‘minor miracles’. Or possibly even major ones in the eyes of the RCC. Such as? Example: Fatima. Only an ephemeral image in the clouds are a ‘sign’ of GOD…no wait…of Mary! The fact that this image has happened many times over the years is no small feat.

I want you to know that I believe these things have taken place. How else would the future events fall into place! I believe that for the falling away to take place, many will not believe these events took place, or they believe these incidents were staged.

Make no mistake about it, the church was guilty of staging events to gain power, or money…or both. These…

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