The Light

I am the light, the Soul is a light, it’s radiance is consciousness and it seeks to find itself.

Our purpose here is to remember who we are. If you’re fortunate enough as I am and are able to find fragments of yourself in different realities, you will have a better understanding of how time is a construct here.

1945 for example is not in the past, it’s another dimensional reality so the time machine doesn’t move us back in a linear fashion to 1945, it simply changes our frequency so that we can experience that year, time line so to speak. If it’s the past, gone and over with, how can we then return to it? It has to already exist for us to leave this timeline and enter into the 1945 timeline.

Same with the future. If it’s a future which in our reality doesn’t exist, then how can we time travel? We don’t travel in time, we travel into another timeline that exists simultaneously with this one and all other realities.

We don’t go back in time, we simply go into that timeline. Time travel has been done, there are many people that have come forward to talk about the Secret Space Program and other black budget programs, not only in the US but other governments. When you enter that device to travel backwards or forwards in time, you’re not moving physically on any linear direction, your body is simply changed into the frequency and dimension of that time period.

Dreams are another example of all happening simultaneously. You, the Soul can have multiple lives in different realities and dimensions. We don’t consciously know of them because of this low density and lower frequency, because our body suits have been genetically altered, because technologies are being used to quarantine us from other dimensions and realities. It may also be because you have been indoctrinated into believing you’re a body and once you finish here, you go to heaven or hell.

Let’s just assume that I’m correct in my assessment. The question that has been debated for thousands of years, including those that believe in god is: Why am I here? Did I choose to be here? Does Karma exist and is reincarnation part of our evolutionary existence as a Soul to experience all that is?

For many years I believed in Karma and reincarnation but as time went by, I started to question that theory as I became more aware of my other existences. If we were given free will then why would our Creator place upon us a reward and punishment system?

In other words, if I chose to reincarnate and experience what it’s like to abuse someone, why would I be punished for that choice? I’m not talking about the human aspect of it. Abuse is not allowed in our society, it’s punishable by law for hurting another human being. At least we ordinary citizens are not allowed to do that, but our governments can do anything they want with impunity. Why should I be punished or create bad karma by choosing that experience and have to keep reincarnating until I get it right? But, I have nothing to get right, I had the free will to choose any experience I wanted to.

Whether Karma and reincarnation is part of the Archon trap, I guess it doesn’t matter really. If you believe in Karma and reincarnation, chances are you will end up in that trap after you leave this body because you believe it. You will experience whatever you believe will happen after you die.

Why am I here? For starters, I’m here because I chose to be here. If I chose to be here and I have free will then I’m obviously here to have an experience. That experience isn’t dependent on whether I accomplish what I came to do or not, meaning there are no consequences to my choices as a Soul. There are only old Souls here now, but there was a time when young Souls were able to incarnate here, though not often because truth is, Earth is the Ultimate Challenge, some call it a Hellhole and young souls simply can’t survive and complete their experiences.

Mainly and mostly, ancient souls arrive here, some that have never had an Earthly experience but these souls like me have existed in higher dimensions. These are well advanced and have access to earth information and knowledge, some even can communicate with humans from higher realms. These souls are highly advanced entities and have had millions of experiences as guardians, galaxy creators, angels, guides so they know everything about Earth but wanted to have a human experience.

We don’t move forward in a linear or hierarchical fashion. We don’t go from first to second grade. We simply choose whatever it is that we want to experience.

In other words, to be able to experience Earth, you have to be very advanced otherwise you would not do well here. I call it a Hell on Earth where only the strong, rich and evil survive.

So, we chose to be here and the last game we all set up was to agree on an experiment of sorts that we would have our memories blocked (not erased). You can’t erase the Akashic records and all that exists is stored in the Akashic. We would die as Souls without memories. Our Souls existence is about it’s memory and knowledge/awareness of who it is.

We came here to see if we can remember who we are and find our way home. This is the first group. The second group that I’m in came here to help the planet when she put out a distress call.
Those that are dying suddenly, being killed are the experiencers, they simply had enough, they couldn’t deal with this madhouse. Those that died naturally and lived a normal old age came to help. We complete the human life cycle, leave, regroup, re-energize and come back until our mission is accomplished.

Does that make sense? We all came here by our own free will. The experiencers had to provide the various scenarios of chaos, war and hunger, economic hardship, duality and just the human drama. They are actors that must create actions. Once they are done with their roles, they leave.

Those of us that are in this virtual reality, the researchers, alternative media, truthseekers, light workers, we are raising awareness thus raising frequencies. Our job is to help humanity raise it’s vibration which in turn helps Gaia.

The new Earth is waiting for us. Why do we need a new Earth? Because not everyone will choose to transition to higher dimensional beings, some will stay here and continue with their evolution/experience. This reality is toxic, damaged and poisoned for thousands of years to come and it’s condition is not conducive for higher dimensional beings. If we all leave the planet, where do the 3D humans go when this is the only 3D reality created? That’s why it was set up that way. Free will allows us to choose to stay or move on. Some will stay with the Old Earth to help restore the energies and balance for Peace.

I don’t know where I’m going after I’m done here. I only know since I was a child that I wanted to be airlifted from here. I never felt like I belonged here. I have struggled with injustice on this planet. Injustice being why some are poor and some rich when it’s not necessary, there is and always has been abundance. Injustice when we hurt and kill each other while some get away with it and some serve a lifetime in prison. I could never relate to why people choose to be stupid when they have that choice of being intelligent. Why they give away their power to authority figures like doctors, preachers, politicians and law enforcement. I could never understand why painting your body with toxic makeup and coloring hair that is dead, nails that are dead to make you feel better.
I am going home I believe to be the Pleaideas  is my home as I have been told many times in this lifetime, but wherever it is, it has to be better than this place because I have been yearning since I was a young child.

The end of this reality will happen with a positive outcome, but like I always write, some things have to happen.

If you’re still pondering and not sure who you are and why you are here, some food for thought:

Our life began in Infinity. At that moment ” Light” was conceived in the Infinite mind. That light was the Light of Consciousness. The purpose of the heart is to know YOURSELF to BE yourself and yet one with Source. 

You are here because only LIGHT can awaken those asleep. How you do that is your choice and decision. You, like me are here to shine your Light and show the way home. 

Source: The Light